meet the snowmisers.

We plan our year by the season, but our daily grind is set to the call of our mischievous boss: Mother Nature. This time of year, we do our best to persuade her to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. If she’s in a good mood, we’re always willing to offer helping hands. And, this weekend, she gave the okay, with the right balance of consecutive late night freezing temps and consistent low humidity.

We are snowmakers by trade and snowmisers by blood. The mountain is more than our scenic office oasis or our summit-to-valley playground— it’s a second home. We work in shifts ’round the clock and take breaks for the turn of a dryer cycle. We have thick skin and warm blood. Our eyebrows and beards are adorned with icicle chips. Our hands are branded with callouses. And, our cheeks are always tinted with a hue of windburned rose.

snow making 3
“Dump ’em out.”
snow shine
Soul shine, let it snow shine.

Today, we open our doors and shred our first trails in a celebratory ode to Mother Nature’s winter solstice! Though she’s our right hand gal, her weekend whisper of winter is merely a tease for our snow play. Come Christmas Eve, the 70 degree hit will have our groomers wallowed in snow melt.

snow making 4
Our state-of-the-art computer-controlled snow making system can convert 30-120 gallons of water to snow per minute at 500 lbs of pressure.

So, riders and boarders, come get your taste of Blue while the sample lasts. Take your turns from Easy Out to Vista, Lower Main Street, Midway, and Come Around (disclaimer: the terrain parks are not offered for sampling!) on a 6-12″ base of machine groomed packed powder. Some coverage will be thin, but fresh tracks and a 800′ vertical drop will keep your smiles wide past sun fall.


Keep low temps and winter weather in your prayers to Mother Nature, as we work on snow gun repair and laying hose from Switchback to Sidewinder. Keep with us this season, and read on for updates of our daily grind and the what, why, and how’s of snowmaking.

Nick hones in on snow gun repair.

Welcome to our office, it is so nice to meet you.





21 thoughts on “meet the snowmisers.

  1. Thanks to the entire Snow Makers team! If you didn’t do what you do, we couldn’t do what we do at the Learning Center.


  2. The most important people at the ski area…snowmaking crew. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If I were a beer drinker I would buy you a cold one, perhaps a hot chocolate?


  3. You should do this on a weekly basis it’s great to know what’s going on with snowmaking. That way I can plan my trip to BlueMountain!


  4. Absolutely love the Blue Mountain Snow-Misers Report! What a great way to share their task and mission, set us all straight on the science of snowmaking and the partnership we have with Mother-Nature, ‘A challenging job, but a passion – Here’s to the Blue Mountain Snow Makers! Keep us posted …


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