While it’s too easy to assume we’ve been sitting around in t-shirts and twiddling our thumbs, we’ve actually been playing hard on the slopes— digging deep and getting dirty. Our brotherly battle with the heatmiser is instigating a rough flux of temperatures. Consequentially, the underground pipes that transfer water and air to snow guns move with the freeze and thaw of the Earth. Too much movement causes broken pipes, water fountains, and air leaks.

Though we have a continuous share of repairs from pipe leaks to fan gun filters to machine maintenance, our crew is back to long night shifts making snow and grooming trails. Finally, our dear Mother Nature has answered our prayers, and the snowmisers have taken back winter.

Sun down snow blow.

With the wet-bulb temp set to snowmaking, our focus is set on hang time. Hang time is the amount of time it takes a water droplet to freeze before it hits the surface. Longer hang time means more time for water-to-snow conversion, which means bigger piles of snow. Hence, our sled guns (pictured above) tilt to face the moon and our slopes are lined with pole and tower guns that allow more time and distance for snow to fall to the ground.

Tower gun take-off.

It’s not artificial snow— it’s homemade. And this batch is blown steep and deep to ensure greater base depth and trail coverage. Tomorrow morning, Blue is set to open with nine trails including: Easy Out, Vista, Upper/Lower Main Street, Chute, Midway, Lazy Mile, and Summit School Hill. Plus, Come Around Park designed with six features!

Sun, snow, and smiles.

Until next time…

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers

dump 'em out

6 thoughts on “hangtime.

  1. I have been skiing at Blue forever…(not kidding)…the technology is unbelieveable to make impossible weather still allow for fabulous conditions which they were yesterday (Thursday)

    Was just over at Christmas in t-shirt weather…you guys are amazing..
    Looking forward to a great season…keep up the good challenging work!!


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