drum roll, please…


Thumbs up and all smiles. 

Our base coat is set with 24-36″ across the slopes. We are kicking off the season with seven trails open: Easy Out, Vista, Midway, Come Around, Upper Main Street, Lower Main Street, and Summit School Hill; and four lifts: Main Street, Burma, Vista, and Summit Magic Carpet. Plus, a sneak peak of Barney’s Bumps connecting Upper to Lower Main Street.

3, 2, 1— IT’S SNOW TIME!

Video cred: Daniel Lewis, Night Crew Snowmiser

To start this season, Come Around is designed with nine features. Two more features than the park has ever had— ever. Get ready, get set for two boxes, a kink rail, a hand rail, a stair gap to lift power, a small quarter pipe hip, a small table top propane tank jib, a corrugated pipe, and a killer jump. Three of nine are multi-features that can be used in two-to-three different ways.

The cat’s meow.

Day light, moon bright— make it, push it, ski it, and ride. Last night, our guns were silent, but the temperature fell hard again this morning. Today through Saturday, we’re prepared to make snow ’round the clock. With some extra flakes from Mother Nature this weekend, we predict you’ll be tubing by the end of next week.


We are open to stay open. Come Monday, our guns are set on the valley. As the snow continues to blow, more terrain and chair lifts will continue to open. Oh, ’tis the season to be jolly.

“Friends call me Snow Miser. What ever I touch, turns to snow in my clutch.” *



Meet, Daniel Lewis.

Better known as: Daniel

Work: full time Night Crew Snowmaker, Mountain Ops

Play: Ski, and learning to snowboard

Favorite trail: Falls because “there are six Ratniks— nothing more fun than big air/water guns running on a cold night.”

A word from Papa Miser about Daniel: “Southern boy that came north to make snow. Great, enthusiastic young snowmaker. Loves to tinker with making his own snowguns. While the other guys are in warming up, he continues to experiment and run homemade guns.”

There’s not much snow in North Carolina, and Daniel wanted to ski. In high school, he started building his own snowmaking equipment (old school air/water gun, homemade fan, low energy HDK Tower-style gun) to create his own ski hill. After one season working in the West Virginia mountains, Daniel moved further north to PA. Now, he’s in his second season at Blue. Daniel continues experimenting with snowgun design and building in his spare time. Snowmaking is his hobby, his profession, and his passion. “I think about snowmaking all off-season,” Daniel explains, “This is what I want to do.”

Meet,  Michael Gasparovic.

Better known as: Mikey G., Trail Manager

Work: Seasonal Groomer, Snowmaker, Mountain Ops
Play: Ski and snowboard
Favorite trail: Razor’s Edge, “due to the shear size of the trail.”
A word from Papa Miser about Mikey G.: “Comes back in, helps push out snow, helps make snow. He’s a real good worker, good operator.”
Mikey G. started at Blue working Park Crew and soon realized he belonged in a snowcat. He rode with any operator, at any time, to learn the art of grooming. “Before I knew it, they let me run the things,” Mikey G. explains, “Hell, even the winch cat!” Mikey G. returns to Blue this year for season number nine. He works full time at Muschlitz Excavating as a Heavy Equipment Operator.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for the cold front. Now… where’s our cookies?

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers


dump 'em out

*Photo cred: Brad Rock, Terrain Park Manager, Bike Park Assistant Manager


2 thoughts on “drum roll, please…

  1. Great to see and meet the crew, Keep on making the white stuff so we can get the whole place open. So pumped to get out and ski.


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