my favorite things.

Fan guns and sled guns and powder on Main Street, 

Helmets and warm gloves and wool socks on my feet. 

Snow cats that purr as the snowmiser sings, 

These are a few of my favorite things. 


Access to valley is opening today, 

Lazy to Falls, glide down Homestretch on my way.

Comet and Shuttle, Crossover and Shoot, 

No reason to stop ’til there’s snow in my boot.

Paradise and Challenge will open tomorrow,

Guns running on Razor’s make piles of white snow. 

Groomers will push as the moon guides the blade, 

Tillers will turn and death cookies will fade.


When it’s too warm, 

When I fall down, 

When lift lines move slow,

I simply remember Slopeside has a bar,

and Switchback will soon have snow!


Happy Holidays!

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers

dump 'em out

6 thoughts on “my favorite things.

  1. Enjoyed your little song! Thanks for all your hard work. Snowmaking quality has really improved at Blue over the past 5 years


  2. As a former small ski area owner, snow maker , lift attendant, jack of all trades I think your blog is the greatest. Of course I skied Little Gap when it opened and I still ski Blue even at 77! You guys all do an outstanding job, congratulations!


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