hello, new year.

Hello, 2017. The start of the New Year. The first run on freshly groomed tracks and newly opened terrain. Hello, to another kick of cold weather. Guns running on Razor’s and night watch by cat eyes.

It’s all about finesse.


Tonight starts a stretch of below freezing temps. Back to 24/7 snowmaking for fresh powder on Lazy and the final push to open Razor’s Edge, park terrain, and more tubing lanes.

Who’s watching who?

A kiss of cold from Mother Nature is the winter warmth we wait for. It keeps us moving and busy. It makes us work harder. Our miser mischief will have more trails opening as we continue refurbishing riding terrain.

We work hard to play harder on a mountain that never sleeps. We have 28 of 39 trails open and counting. Follow our trail openings and current weather report for daily updates.


Let the New Year redefine you. A call for more adventure, new beginnings, and longer happy hours. Check off a resolution to-do with more trail rides this week and treat yourself to another day on the slopes.

See you there,

the snowmisers

dump 'em out


2 thoughts on “hello, new year.

    1. Every night, every single trail is groomed with up to seven groomers working our 164 acres of skiable terrain. The time of day and traffic on the trails affect the quality of snow each day. Hit up the slopes at opening for first tracks on freshly groomed terrain!


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