rage. rest. repeat.

Very warm days on the slopes call for ski runs in a t-shirt. Carefree, happy, and fun. The trouble is, IT’S ONLY JANUARY! The rainy days followed by mid-40 degree temps make the snow feel like a slush fest in spring.

The good news is, WE ARE MAKING SNOW THIS WEEKEND! Our corduroy will be back in style as we make snow, then till tracks, every hour Mother Nature gives the green light. The fast start-up and vast layout of our automation system will allow for more coverage, more quickly to dress up each trail with a top layer of pow. We had a strong snow base to survive the weather, but do expect some trail closures as we take advantage of marginal wet-bulb temps day and night.

Repair and rebuild in the sun and bright moonlight.


Meet, Andrew Weiss.

Better known as: Andy

Work: Full-time, Day Crew, Mountain Ops

Play: Ski

Favorite trail: Challenge

A word from Papa Miser: “Andy is a good worker. He catches on quickly to the intricacies of snowmaking repairs. There’s no way to learn except to do it.”

Andy has a background in steel fabricating and welding. This is his first season working at Blue.


Meet, Jake Henderson.

Better known as: Jake

Work: Full-time, Night Crew Snowmaker, Mountain Ops

Favorite trail: Burma because it “has a lot of guns.”

A word from Papa Miser: “Jake is a good, hard, young worker. He enjoys making snow. He likes to learn and he catches on quickly.”

Jake changes gears with the turn of the seasons. He plays snowmiser in the winter (now working his second season at Blue), and works the field in the summer as an organic, non-GMO farmer. Jake is an outdoorsman. He loves to tinker with and figure out how things work.


Meet, Zachary Fisher.

Better known as: Zach

Work: Part-time, Mountain Ops

Play: Snowboard

Favorite trail: Lazy Mile because it’s “an overall nice trail, and I enjoy going through the glades.”

A word from Papa Miser: “Zach helps us park buses and cars. He has the responsibility of parking about 35-40 buses a night. He’s doing an awesome job and is already taking charge of the crew.”

Zach is working his third season at Blue, juggling his time as a senior student and soccer player at Northampton High School. He plans to attend King’s College next year for the Physician Assistant Program.

Dylan, a.k.a. Dizzle.

Meet, Dylan Buskirk.

Better known as: Dizzle

Work: Part-time, Mechanic, Vehicle Maintenance/ Mountain Ops

A word from Papa Miser: “Dizzle helps as a welder and mechanic’s assistance. He’s learning how to work on groomers. He’s a good worker.”

Dizzle is working his second season at Blue. He studied Welding and Automotive in college.

O.D. turning snow mounds to ski trails.

Our closed doors Monday and Tuesday gave us a much needed mid-season rest. Now, we are ready to keep on rocking the slopes in the rhythmic cycle of RAGE. REST. REPEAT.

See you soon,

the snowmisers

dump 'em out

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