backstage pass.

A whisper of flakes from Mother Nature is the perfect thread to knit trail conditions back to awesome. Natural and man-made flakes coagulate a prime powder finish, the icing on the cake after days of snowmaking to revive trails from any slush or skid of ice.

Automation shut down this morning as the temps climbed a little too high. But, before the week ends, the forecast predicts lower temperatures for ’round the clock snowmaking. A reminder to you, bring your goggles! And expect a few trail closures as we dust and sweep for a recouped ride.

Steep and deep sweep. 

In our season set to redefine Blue, this weekend is all about the party. Our annual Winter Fest is THIS weekend— a FREE event to try out new winter sports and a backstage pass for our behind-the-scenes snowmaking tour with Bob Taylor, Mountain Manager, our favorite Papa Miser. Tours are Saturday, February 4, at 11 am and 3 pm and Sunday, February 5, at 12 pm. Meet at the tented patio off of the Alpine room five minutes prior to tour time.

Also, make sure to race and ride our authentic luge track! Constructed by snowmiser, AJ, in conjunction with the USA Luge team, Blue is the only mountain with a natural luge track in the entire country. Check, check, check it out.

Winter wonderland.



Meet, Gerry Saemmer.

Better known as: Gerry

Work: Full-time, day shift Mountain Ops

Favorite trail: Paradise because of “the way it’s laid out.”

A word from Papa Miser: “Gerry and Chris help keep this place clean. They take care of the garbage, keep our trails looking clean, our parking lots clean. Give them a job to do and they get it done right.”


Meet, Chris Saemmer.

Better known as: Chris

Work: Full-time, day shift Mountain Ops

Favorite trail: Lazy Mile because it’s “fun going down.”

A word from Papa Miser: “Chris wants to work and just keeps going. He’s like the energizer bunny.”

Gerry and Chris are a father and son team. This is Gerry’s sixth season and Chris’ fifth. They work awesome together, tending the parking lots and the slopes, keeping the mountain clean and the energy moving.


Meet, Douglas Schaerer.

Better known as: Doug

Work: Seasonal, night crew Snowmaker, Mountain Ops

Play: Ski

Favorite trail: Razorback because it’s “steep and deep.”

A word from Papa Miser: “Doug fills his time here in the winter. He does a great job and he enjoys working on the different style guns that we have.”

Doug works as a whitewater guide in the summer and snowmaker in the winter. In his free time, Doug likes to kayak and mountain bike. An outdoors enthusiast, Doug also notes, “I appreciate poetry, fine wine, and beautiful women.”

Winch cat climb.

On or off the slopes, we’ll see you this weekend. Redefine party, and ride on.

See you soon,

the snowmisers

dump 'em out


4 thoughts on “backstage pass.

    1. We will be making snow tonight and running our daily groomer fleet across the slopes, but the final call is up to Mother Nature! Weather forecasts predict between 3-10″ of snowfall between tonight and tomorrow. Conditions will be powder fresh!


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