mixing bowl.

We all have good days and bad days, the ups and downs and the in-betweens. On the slopes, the state of our days are subject to the grand forces of Mother Nature. Her wicked winds. Her chilling temperatures. Her sweet sun kisses. Her snowflake wonderlands.

We can work around the clock to make snow, to push, to till, to sled, to ride— but if tomorrow her tears pour and temperatures hit 40, conditions will undoubtedly slop like a plate of mashed potatoes.

With every drop below 28 degrees wet bulb temp, the guns are blowing.

Last Thursday, we were blessed with seven inches of natural snow fall. With the exception of Sunday’s showers, we’ve continued the white out by taking advantage of every opportunity to make snow across the slopes. Mother Nature permitting, the guns will keep blowing through to Saturday morning, when temperatures are expected hit the high 50s.

As promised, temporary closures are now reopened after a full weekend of competition on Razor’s Edge, Sidewinder Park, and Central Park. Sidewinder Park is currently set with fifteen features. And, with cooperative temps, all 39 trails are now open.

Riders on the storm.

Snow, rain, or shine, our groomer fleet will be working the trails every single night. Every day, come first run, conditions will be the best they can be, weather permitting. Throughout the day, it’s expected that conditions will change. If it’s warm, 8 am corduroy might become 8 pm slush. If it’s cold, 8 am powder might become 8 pm ice.

It’s important to note the typical frustrations of a northeast winter. The drastic shift from low 20 degree temps to high 50s. The freeze and thaw and freeze of base depths, and the constant recoups to powder over ice sheets. As skiers and riders, and outdoor enthusiasts, we know that conditions can only be as good as Mother Nature allows.

Sun haze and snow fall. 
Powder in the glades.

As we review comments about snow conditions, we can’t help but bring to light the direct effect that Mother Nature has on our work. And while we welcome all comments— the good, the bad, and the ugly— we ask you to first recognize weather conditions before concluding on snow conditions. Every comment and suggestion, for us, is a lesson on how to improve our work, our service, and your experience. But if days are rainy and temps are warm, snow will be slush— and it’s not our doing.

New prototype gun from Techno Alpin, demoed here because they know we put our guns to the test.

Let us take each day by day. Let us embrace this week’s cold front and killer riding conditions. Let us be grateful that we are skiing and riding and working in this mixing bowl of snow and sun and wind and rain.

If you have a question, please, ask a snowmiser. Because we know, it’s all about the snow. It’s all about the experience. And, most importantly, it’s all about the ride.

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers



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