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The mountain’s beauty is depicted in all shapes and sizes from summit, humps, hills, and fall lines; the life that inhabits and contributes to the forest ecosystem; the reflection of moonlight beams on snowy slopes; the integral expression of color and emotion unleashed at sunrise to sun rest.

The transition to spring gives an enlivened invitation to embrace this beauty. To enjoy the winter harvest while relishing the sun’s warmth in thirty to sixty degree days. From Friday morning’s snow dust to today’s rising temps, the snow is still shining and ready to ride.


Again, we expect Mother Nature’s twist in transition this weekend. Springing forward (remember, Daylight Saving Time on Sunday!), yet holding on to her winter ways with a predicted 3-5 inches of snow fall come Friday. We anticipate celebrating this weekend’s below-freezing temps in true snowmiser fashion— adding fresh snow cover in due time for the Mogul Mania race this Saturday.

Here’s our brief mogul how-to:

  1. Make snow (when possible, Mother Nature willing).
  2. Groom trails.
  3. Ty heads the task of ‘seeding’ moguls by pushing small piles of snow row by alternate row.
  4. Frost the bumps (when possible, we like to dust more powder on top of seeded sections).
  5. Advanced skiers carve and mold terrain, which increases mogul size and pronounces pattern.

Throughout the season, we build moguls on Main Street, Barney’s Bumps, Challenge, Nightmare, and Dreamweaver.

Piko lamps mounted atop hard hats shine in the roughest conditions, allowing us to work safely making snow and grooming trails throughout the night.


In celebration of International Women’s Day, we share our gratitude and appreciation for Barb Green, our boss, owner of Blue Mountain Resort.

Support local. Ski local. Ski Blue Mountain!

Image result for barb green blue mountain
Barb Green, owner of Blue Mountain Resort. Photo courtesy of Times News online, 2013.

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers




5 thoughts on “support local!

  1. Are you guys making snow for the coming 7 cold nights to push season longer? I just go 14 times this season, hoping to go a lot more 🙂


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