snowmaker’s almanac

Here we go again! With our thoughts on everything snow, our miser minds are in full preparation mode, gearing up for the winter season, and waiting for the temperatures to drop. For the start of another season, our 40th to boot, let us reintroduce ourselves…

We are the snowmisers. The snowmakers. The hands behind the scenes that help the snow fall and the trails shine. We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature, but with a few tricks up our sleeves: we are home to the biggest and most efficient automated snowmaking system on the east coast. We don’t need Mother’s hands to toss us snowflakes. We need her cool breath below freezing, with low humidity, to set the wet bulb temps just right (around twenty-eight degrees) for us to ready, set, blow.

Odie greets the newest member of our fleet. 

This season, we’ve added four new fan guns to our system. One tower-mounted Techno Alpin (TA) fan gun is set at the base of Midway and Chute to increase the area of snow coverage on Main Street. Three TA trailer guns in the Tubing Park will increase snowmaking volume for an earlier opening date. Plus, we’ve introduced a new groomer to our fleet (pictured above) to join the daily nighttime rounds, pack and tilling every trail for fresh first chair runs.

ta fan gun
TA fan gun back fill at the base of Midway & Chute.

Our job is to be prepared. We’ve reworked the bottom of Valley School for better learning terrain. We’ve installed two automation guns at the tail of terrain run for greater snow coverage. We’ve upgraded our lift ticket gate for easier scanning access. We have five new hires joining the Mountain Ops crew and a strong return of seasonal snowmisers are making their comeback.

Want to be a snowmaker?

Come to our Job Fair next Saturday, November 11 from 10 am – 3 pm at the Summit Lodge. 

In our ideal weather forecast, we would make the first snowflakes mid-November. But tune in to the current fifteen day outlook, and the wet-bulb temperatures barely meet a measly thirty-five degrees. So, we continue to lay out hoses, hook up guns to water hydrants and air compressors, clear brush and maintain trails, connect electric and communication runs.

With great anticipation for an early season start, when conditions call, WE WILL BE READY. Snowflakes will be falling.

smoky morn
Mountain view and clouds a climbin’. 

Follow us on our journey this season. Tap in to snowmaking know-how to learn and love the trade that keeps you riding on PA slopes. This is just the beginning and, boy, does it feel good.

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers



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