condition report.

No matter what time of season, we all have that one neighbor or friend or co-worker who incessantly complains about the weather. Summertime is too hot. The air, too humid. The sun, shining. Winter is either too warm, or too wicked. Finally snowing, or sleeting and icing and snowing again. And, of course, the most uttered words in the history of winter weather complaints:

It’s too cold. 

Screenshot of mountain temps mid-morn of January 3, 2018.

Severe weather alert: it’s freaking winter.

What we tend to overlook, or take for granted, is how incredibly fortunate we are to live in an area that inhabits all four seasons. It’s a big reason why many folks settle here, and why we accept a shorter ski season to balance the brilliance of spring, summer, and fall.

This winter, we’re all smiles.

Tubing Hill 2 is closed this week for more snowmaking. Lanes will reopen this Friday, freshly rebuilt and ready to ride.

Welcome New Year, #CheersTo40Years, and every single trail is open across the slopes. Twenty-nine tubing lanes. Thirty-nine riding trails. Eighteen park features. Machine groomed packed powder, plus moguls, atop a 24″-48″ base.

The recent surge of ridiculously cold weather is really a favor from Mother Nature. The typical warm days to cold nights create a freeze-thaw-freeze effect that causes the notorious icy northeast slopes. But with consistent low temperatures, conditions are naturally maintained without dependence on daily snowmaking for that extra blanket of powder and fluff.

Snow shower from our TA TF10 gun. 

We continue to make snow, as needed, to revamp trails and enhance conditions. And every single night, we continue to groom every trail for those corduroy fresh first tracks.

Featured here is groomer Ty working the winch cat. This four ton metric winch is the only cat that efficiently plays on the steepest slopes. The winch houses a 5/16 cable, a mile in length, that hooks to a pole at the trail’s summit to assist the pull to push uphill. Without the cable, the cat doesn’t have enough traction to shift piles while simultaneously structuring steep terrain.

We use the winch on Challenge, Razor’s Edge, Falls, Midway, Chute, and Widowmaker. On average, Challenge takes about two hours to groom each night.

The cat’s meow.

This New Year, let us suggest a resolution for you: embrace the season. The best way to enjoy winter is to actively participate in the fun that snow and ice and cold offers. Dress appropriately, bundle heavily, sharpen your skis, and wax your board. And at the end of the day, treat your self to a hot toddy and cheers to Mother Nature for helping us do what we do best: make it snow, make it snow, make snow.

See you on the slopes,


the snowmisers

dump 'em out

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