feeling festive.

A 40th trail for the 40th season? Yup, we’re working on it. New infrastructure is no small investment, in money or time. When you plan to build and expand a ski resort, you push to do so with the most economic and efficient plan in mind. What’s more than clearing trees and grading land is the research needed to determine hydrant and gun placement. So, this week we set out hiking the new trail. Trail 4-0. Let’s go!

Nick collects anemometer data on wind speed & direction.

Three anemometers are set on the trail at different points of terrain— one summit, one middle, one valley— to measure wind speed and direction. This past week, Nick and Mikey hiked the trail to record the current data. Throughout the winter, we’ll continue to track and record data. The collective information will help determine gun placement and what type of gun to place to utilize wind speed and pressure for the most efficient snowmaking.

Anemometers measure wind speed and determine wind direction. Using these sets of data, meteorologists can calculate wind pressure. Wind pressure is the force exerted on a structure by the wind. National Geographic



Excited for the big 4-0? We are too.


What: Winter Fest

Where: Blue Mountain Resort Summit Lodge

When: Saturday, January 27 from 11 am – 6 pm & Sunday, January 28 from 10 am – 2 pm

Cost: FREE!

And, the best part? A little meet and greet with the snowmisers.

Behind-the-Scenes Snowmaking Tours at Winter Fest

Saturday: 11 am, 2 pm & 5 pm

Sunday: 11 am & 1 pm

Please meet under the tented patio off the Alpine room ten minutes before a tour.

To learn more about our 9th Annual Winter Festival & 40th Anniversary Celebration (we’re talking luge track, sled dogs, music, and more), visit here. Fest activities are free and open to the public, but skiing, snowboarding, and snowtubing are regular price this weekend.

Cats on the prowl on Paradise.

It’s been a rough week with another 3/4 inch of rain and several days teasing mid-fifty degree temps. But today, the sun’s gone to set and the temps are dropping. It’s time to make snow. We’re celebrating the 4-0 early with three nights of snowmaking leading up to the Fest. Plus, we get the fun Fest prep: making the luge track.

The only natural, snow-made luge track on the east coast.

On an area of mountain not used for daily riding, we’ve stacked up 8-10 feet of snow. Using a fan gun, we made snow at every opportunity preceding this week’s high temps. Again for the fourth season, AJ is building our luge track using a (smaller model) Zaugg and about 10-15 hours of concentration and patience. Our luge track is the only natural, snow-made track on the east coast, and the country’s only natural luge track used by the Olympic USA Luge Team to scout potential future luge athletes. Tune in this Friday, January 26 to 69News at Sunrise  for a track build brief and behind-the-scenes look. Plus, check out our live mountain web cam this week to see the luge track build-in-action!


Long time employee, AJ, returns to the slopes to build the Winter Fest luge track.


Drumroll, please…

MISER FILES are back! A little Q&A with the makers of the magic. Meet the snowmisers: the snowmakers, the groomers, and Mountain Ops crew who make and shake snow into ski trails.

Mikey B.

Meet, Mikey Brown.

Better known as: BM²

Work: Part-time, Snowtech (day crew), Mountain Ops

Play: Ski

Favorite trail: Razor’s Edge because “it’s the trail I used to race on ski team.”

A word from Papa Miser (Bob Taylor, Mountain Manager): “Mikey’s a great, hard working kid. Knows his way around fan guns. Able to fix anything that we need fixed. He puts in a full eight hour shift at his full-time job and then comes here. It’s an asset to have him here.”

Mikey’s passion for snowmaking sparked eight years ago when he joined the Mountain Ops crew. In recent years, he started working full-time on third shift as a Maintenance Mechanic at Air Products, but finds his way to the mountain every week day to continue doing the work he loves. He likes to make snow using the automation system, and he takes pride in playing an integral role in keeping the largest system on the east coast running efficiently. Mikey focuses on fixing faults in the automation system, trouble shooting, and fan gun repair. With a stretch of free time, he hangs out on the slopes, skiing with friends and enjoying the snow.



Meet, Cory Follweiler.

Better known as: Cory

Work: Seasonal, Snowmaker (day crew), Mountain Ops

Play: Snowboard

Favorite trail: Lazy Mile and Burma have the “most turns and flow for cruising and admiring the surroundings.” Challenge and Falls, it’s all about the “spirit runs.” Snowmaking on Burma is “a long hike, though easy to get stuck on a sled.” And Challenge is, well, a challenge. It’s very steep terrain for snowmaking, but the automation is nice.

A word from Papa Miser: “Cory is a returning seasonal snowmaker. He’s able to take the new guys out and teach them. He does whatever is asked of him. He likes to carry his little shovel with him and uses it well [digging out shelters, hoses, etc.].”

Working nineteen years on and off the slopes, Cory returns to Blue for his third season snowmaking. He loves making snow and appreciates the good vibes the mountain shares. He gives it right back, too, with his positive energy, always smiling. In the spring, Cory trades in his channellocks for a trowel to pursue his passion in gardening and farming. In his free time, he’s on the trails hiking and camping.


Image may contain: sky, cloud, snow, outdoor and nature
Feeling bluetiful.

Come meet us, come celebrate, come fest for free!

See you THIS weekend,

the snowmisers



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