great pretender.

Another jaw drop with every trick landed and gold medal won, the Olympic games are super hot to watch. If you’re feeling inspired, there’s no better time than now to start training for games 2022. The good news? The athletes are skiing and riding are on the same type of granular packed powder that graces our slopes— even down to the same equipment manufacturer.

Techno Alpin (TA) guns are being used in Pyeong Chang to make snow.

East coast snow sports enthusiasts tend to trek out west to hit fresh powder and wide open terrain, but true to Blue, we appreciate the time and effort and ability of having snow, at all, on our home mountain trails. What’s more, east coasters are seasoned for the good, the bad, and the ugly conditions. Northeast slopes are notoriously known for being too icy. Or, when the going is good, maintaining conditioned machine groomed, packed powder. Or, when we’re lucky, packed powder with a coat of natural flakes.

We rely on the incredible technology of snowmaking equipment to produce man-made snow to cover the slopes— and so do the Olympic games. The consistency and quality control creates an even playing field for athletes. The packed powder increases speed and mobile agility. Plus, it’s reliable and more durable.

TA fan guns trace the trail down Vista.

As we know all too well in PA, making snow is still completely subject to the mood of Mother Nature. Like a repeat of last season, we’ve suddenly hit a funky wave of weather with a recent cold snap and now, what feels like, a spring teaser. The extended forecast predicts warm temps and rain. With mind over matter, we’ll keep doing what we do, making snow whenever possible, reconditioning slopes where needed, and continuing to groom and condition trails each and every night.

The recent cold snap caused ice to accumulate and tubes to split inside snow guns.

With terrain park features on point and trails conditioned daily, there’s no better time to feel like an Olympian. Practice makes perfect, right?

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers


MISER FILES: Meet the makers of the magic.


Meet, Kyle LaFerriere.

Better known as: Kyle

Work: Seasonal full-time, Vehicle Maintenance Mechanic, Snowmaker (day crew), Mountain Ops

Play: Ski & snowboard

Favorite trail: “Sidewinder and Switchback are fun, but Challenge has the prettiest views.” Switchback, he says, is a favorite for learning to carve and turn, since he’s still a beginning snowboarder.

A word from Papa Miser: “Kyle’s come off the [produce] farm to help us farm snow in the wintertime and to help us repair equipment. He does a great job with every task we give him.”

This is Kyle’s first season working at Blue. He loves the mountains and enjoys working outside doing hands-on work. He enjoys the challenge of troubleshooting and repairing the snowcats, snowmobiling across the slopes and making snow, and breathing the mountain air. When he’s not at the mountain, he’s still working, planning for the upcoming farm season. When possible, he finds time to snowboard in the winter and canoe in the summer.

One thought on “great pretender.

  1. Y’all correct ,,that m.m. snow hard pack is great for training ,,if you can ski the east ,,you can ski anywhere in the world ,,,,you guys rock ,,passionate about the mountain life ,,,,just like me …


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