march magic

In between the confusion of sixty degree to twenty degree days, full sun to relentless wind, and a hit of three snow storms this past month, too many folks are wishing for summer days. But, an extended ski season on the east coast is the magic we marvel over. A collective 12+” of fresh powder from the last three storms, plus opportunity to make more snow this week, will likely push us to stay open past April 1st.

Mother Nature’s March magic is only just beginning. Check today’s condition report to learn 34 of 39 trails are still open for skiing and riding. There’s full width snow coverage on the slopes with a base of 24″ – 48″ machine groomed packed powder. And, tubing is still open, all lanes, Friday through Sunday!

Touch the sky. 

We continue to fire up guns on the automation system this week as temperatures remain low. The extended forecast predicts night temperatures to hover above freezing with day temps to linger in the forties. If forecast is true to prediction, we won’t hit wet bulb temps low enough to make snow next week. But the good news is, day temps won’t be warm enough to melt the existing snow either. And, rumor has it, Mother Nature may have a few more snowflakes up her sleeves.


Like many outdoor enthusiasts, we like to work hard, and play harder. This past Tuesday, March 13, night crew snowmaker, Daniel, headed to Windham Mountain Resort to participate in the 36th Annual Snowmaker’s Classic. With a full day of riding and meeting new folks, the event was a race to showcase the best-of-the-best snowmakers in their ability to race the Giant Slalom, Hose Hook-up, and Shovel. Oh, what fun it is to glide in so. much. fresh. pow.

Groomer tracks from the warehouse to the slopes. 

Back at our home slopes, there’s no shortage of fun rolling in to St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Keep your eyes open and your ski tips up as you search for shamrocks hidden on the mountain. Find one, and you’ll also find a prize waiting for you at Last Run Lounge. Also, check out the calendar for Saturday’s BMR Mogul Mania info and where to get your Irish jig on with live music by Road to Killarney.


With great conditions, a deep base, wide trails, and creative terrain park features, there’s no better time to be on the slopes. What makes us even more excited? Welcoming another member to our snowmiser crew.

A sincere and loving congratulations to OD, night crew groomer, and his wife for their new baby girl who arrived this past Wednesday morning. Healthy, happy, and full of love.

Keep the magic alive. See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers


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