from snow to sunshine.

We traded our wool hats for baseball caps and our snow mobiles for four wheelers. Slowly, we are surrendering to the heat miser as the last patches of snow sigh a final farewell melt. The water and air hoses have been wrapped. The groomers are in full remission. Now, we are continuing transition as we gravitate from mountain clean up to summit terrace construction. ‘Tis  the season for wedding bells, fire pits, and outdoor wine-and-dining.

A greener valley view.

The ski season, in review, was short and strenuous. We recouped trails from mud to snow three times. Mother Nature’s mood swings had us playing catch up with any given drop to freezing temperatures. (Note: Climate change is more than a theory.) Yes, we managed to open every trail, but our great efforts came at a hefty cost. We pumped more water and logged more compressor hours than years past. Plus, warm temps and a late season start forced us to lay off seasonal snowmisers. Hashtag, the struggle is real. Our prayer hands are ready— fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed— for consistent cold temps and snow, snow, snow this coming season.

Cleaning the office.

We can’t predict the weather, but— we can adapt. This time of year, we are trading in our skis and boards for frisbee discs and mountain bikes. The mountain is growing a greener face. The compressors are silent, the pumps are idol, and the fan guns are stored for a long summer’s rest. We are continuing with maintenance and repairs and saving sunny days for planting flowers and shrubbery along school hill for upcoming summer events.

Our most exciting news is the project underway. We are clearing trees and grading ground in anticipation of a new trail! Where: east of Paradise. Opening  date is yet to be determined, but we’ll share details as we progress.

A season in review.

The work days continue, but our miser off-season means more time for play. Think: aerial park and groomer burgers. Come enjoy the mountain makeover.

‘Tis the season, every season.

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers

dump 'em out




6 thoughts on “from snow to sunshine.

  1. More power to you guys for making the snow & keeping it groomed & packed. Its one of the best places in the northeast region to snow ski day or nite.


    1. Hi Ross, thanks for reading!

      We are working on new features for the bike park and terrain park this year. Plus, our fire pits will be burning all season at Slopeside and upcoming events. We will be utilizing our resources for onsite upgrades and enjoyment. Be sure to check out our new features coming soon!


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