‘Tis the season to rip off our snow pants and board in our bathing suits! The snow is slowly shedding tears into sugar trails. The trees’ naked limbs are budding with laughter. The mountain is breathing deeply with revived energy and anticipation of the newness of spring.

We have closed our doors for the remainder of weekdays in a grand effort to preserve the snow for the best closing weekend possible. The forecast predicts over an inch of rain on Friday, but our groomers are working hard to revive and prep trails for Saturday. Terrain parks are being rebuilt and moguls will be freshly seeded.

Patching Paradise.

Recover and reboot.


Razor’s Edge winch hour.



Moving into the beginning days of April, we are excited to shred and party one more time on snowy slopes. Be sure to sign up for this Sunday’s pond skim—or be there for prime live entertainment of skim triumphs and wipeouts!


A word from Papa Miser: “Thanks to all snowmakers (the misers!) and groomers for their hard work. To our skiers and riders, we hope you enjoyed the snow. The weather was challenging this season, but we did the very best that we could have possibly done. We are the biggest and the best snowmaking crew on the east coast, and we thank you for your continued support.”

image1 (1)

We are in the final homestretch of the season. The cats are purring, and your legs are begging for one last run.

See you on the slopes for the last weekend of the season and closing day!

Cheers & gratitude,

the snowmisers


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