what’s golden.

When we grow up with Blue as our second home, learning pizza and french fries as ski terms before food choices, we have to wonder why we’re not competing for the next slalom gold. Oh yes, four years have come and gone, and we’re still practice-racing down Razor’s Edge. With the start of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic winter games comes excitement and admiration for the incredible athletes excelling at the sports we love.

learning how to ski

To celebrate, our park crew is hosting an Ollie Contest on Summit School Hill Friday night. Saturday night, our ski and snowboard instructors are honoring the Olympics with a torch light parade in Valley School west.


How do snowmisers celebrate? We go for the gold making snow. Yesterday morning, we had a little help and hurt from Mother Nature with 3-5″ of fresh powder followed by— you guessed it— the wind and rain. With continuous fluctuating temperatures, we’re continuously conditioning the slopes for that desired packed powder ride. Plus, we’re rebuilding Central Park and tubing lanes for this weekend.


We’re holding on to what’s golden with 39 of 39 trails open and ready to ride. Get your game face on.

See you on the slopes,

the snowmisers



MISER FILES: Meet the makers of the magic.


Meet, Travis Johnson.

Better known as: Travis

Work: Seasonal full-time, Snowmaker (day crew), Mountain Ops

Play: Snowboard

Favorite trail: Nightmare and Dreamweaver is a “great trail for all the reasons a trail would be great.” The trails are never crowded and a good pace. Paradise sets the stage for “nice views and good scenery.” Plus, it’s “not too icy or too powdery.”

A word from Papa Miser: “Travis is a second year snowmaker. He does a good job and keeps up with the crew.”

Travis is with us for a second season making snow. He likes to work outside and play, too, as he makes an effort to ride the slopes almost every day.


Meet, Tyler Schappell.

Better known as: Tank

Play: Snowboard

Favorite trail: Falls, because you can “get a lot speed.”

Words from Papa Miser: “Tank is a great young guy. He does a good job making snow and running the equipment. He does everything we ask of him and does it well.”

Tank grew up skiing at Blue. Years later, he switched gears to snowboarding. Now, in his second season working, Tank spends more time making snow than riding it. He enjoys the work, the mountain scenery, and the camaraderie of the crew. Plus, he’s our gold medalist in the ice beard competition.


8 thoughts on “what’s golden.

  1. Hi 50’s rainy weather on tap going forward, apparently we continue to have one month additional warmth thanks to the climate hoax


    1. Thanks for writing in! We certainly have a close eye on the weather. Climate change is significantly affecting the ski industry– and the length of our ski seasons. We’ll share more info in upcoming posts about environmental responsibility and climate change research. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out our resort’s environmental initiatives:

      and a brief research article about the effect of climate change on the ski industry:


      1. Is it possible target open date is 11/23 ? Stretch of mid 50’s for two weeks at the least, not much tipping into low 30’s evenings . Yucks


          1. Thanks for your message we all must manage the best way for what is dealt us. Blue Mt team has always delivered high quality under varied conditions , for this we all are winners


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